Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ballot Questions

Received an e-mail regarding Question 4. This is an $85 million bond for new construction at URI - a state-of-the-art pharmacy building & other expansion. This is good news for students and our economy. This gets my vote.

Question 2 has been in the news lately. That restores voting rights to ex-felons who have served their prison time. R.I. is one of the few states that does allow this. I am FOR the expansion of civil rights. I like this one, too.

I have expressed my opinion on the Casino question before. If ever something deserved to be placed on the ballot, this is it (and the Guv himself has said that he welcomes a ballot question on this). I've spoken to hundreds of voters in this district & others. Unless I bring it up, it's never mentioned (only once). The voters seem evenly divided from what I've heard, perhaps leaning towards favoring. Listen and read the info & then make your decision. Link to: and Save our State (couldn't find any link).

*BTW, I HATE BETABLOGGER! If you're given the option, DON'T SWITCH YET. It knocked me off Leftyblogs & getting photos up is more difficult than it was before.