Thursday, June 29, 2006

Spillane for State Senate, District 12

Two years ago my platform consisted of three main issues. First was lowering the property taxes. Second was finding a better way to fund public education. And third was making healthcare more affordable & accessible for Rhode Islanders.

Since then these issues have come even more to the forefront. We need people of vision and ideas who can help solve these problems. I've seen what we can do when we put our minds to it. I was there when the Hurricane Katrina victims arrived in Middletown with nothing. I know how residents respond when they realize that there is a job to be done and only they can do it!

I hope to bring that same spirit of togetherness, determination, and forward vision to my campaign. But that can only be done with your help and trust which I hope to earn.

In the coming weeks you'll hear my ideas and your suggestions & comments will be actively solicited. I intend to be out actively campaigning in the community. My website will be up soon and I will continue sending out campaign updates. My new office at Airport Plaza in Middletown is almost ready!

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