Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sen. Reed Wants Out of Iraq!

The Democrat says that "we have to begin to rapidly deploy out of these hostile areas and ultimately -- and as quickly as possible -- out of Iraq." "In the short run, the administration has not left many options. There aren't many good options, and I think by definition that's a bad strategy."
It's time to leave as quickly as possible. We're in the midst of a civil war and our presence is part of the cause and no longer a solution.

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Carl Sheeler For Senate said...

I am pleased that Jack is coming around to the clearest solution, which is withdrawal sooner than later. Too many lives and taxpayers dollars are in the balance.

We've been advocating for this since July 2005.

Maybe it was our new I-95 campaign billboard... Fund OUR Future Not BU$H's War!