Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More School Counselors Needed

This article details self-abuse(cuttings & burning of selves) that is happening more & more often among students as young as middle school age, and in high schools, & colleges across the country. It more often affects young women.
I'm not an expert but is this tied in with the soaring rates of depression amoung young adults? Is this part of what is causing the huge dropout rates among college students both here in Rhode Island & nationally?
A therapist once told me that while depression rates are rapidly increasing for college students, they are especially soaring for women. While giving women more career choices (far more than I had before Equal Opportunity legislation), it's also placed them under increased stress. The same is also true for young men who feel that they must make the RIGHT life-altering decision to become sucessful adults.
I've always been an advocate of MORE counselors in schools, rather than fewer. The state's standards are pitiful here. Many counselors rarely work with troubled students. Too often the bulk of their time is spent testing, evaluating, filling out forms, and scheduling. School counselors rarely have actual time to "counsel" students.
As part of the recent accreditation of Middletown High School, at least one or two counselors need to be added to the staff.

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