Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fogarty's Campaign Office Opening Rally

This is the Fogarty campaign headquarter's rally. The day was beautiful. Warm with a slight breeze. About 10 degrees warmer than Newport. Maybe 225 people. Hard to take a pic with a digital screen because you just can't see in the bright sun. No pic of Caprio. Too bad. My oldest like his speech best. This is his district & he told about how his grandfather made milk deliveries. They were often 2-3 levels & sometimes they couldn't pay. All the speakers were quite good. Kerry was impressive & Charlie just keeps getting better & better. Whitehouse wasn't there, but his wife was. Elizabeth Roberts gave a rousing speech. Not all that easy for a woman to carry off. She used a catch phrase that I liked & I told her that I was going to "steal" it from her. She said to go right ahead as she had "stolen" it from Kerry. I do believe that I saw Carl Sheeler there, too. But it was hard to see too clearly in the crowd & bright sun.

Earlier in the day I listened to Patrick Kennedy speak. So don't ask me at this point who said what. Newport 9 is MUCH better at taking notes than I am. That's because girls just want to have fun! BTW, the 2 good-looking guys that you can't place are my handsome sons. Headquarters is in the heart of Federal Hill. I could never work there for very long. The food is just too good! Went to Gepetto's. Yum! Pizza. Ravioli. Cannoli. Eating late is always a mistake, no matter how hungry I am. Outside cafe eating in beautiful dePasquale Square. I do believe that deRamel's office is down the street.


Carl Sheeler For Senate said...

Yep, Eileen was there. Sen. Kerry was surprised to learn from me that Sheldon had an opponent. Apparently, he was told otherwise.

Nice coverage and pics.

Cranston2 said...

I was also there!

Anonymous said...

It was fun! There also was music. My son said most was good, but some was really stupid (meaning it's suitable for Moms& Dads only)
Pizza from Gepetto's was excellent!
Speeches were short. Party should do this more often! I'm glad Carl went. All Democrats should feel welcome at these things. We don't all walk in lockstep.
Dems have a cookout this Sun. in Tiverton.