Thursday, June 22, 2006

Everyone Wants to be Newport's Senator in Wash.

"June 25 – Sample the treats of Newport’s newest gathering place and share your thoughts about Rhode Island’s future with Carl. Bliss Market Natural Grocer and Cafe 311 Broadway, Newport 5:00-7:30 p.m.Hosted by RIPL (Rhode Island Progressive League)Contact Jim Asbel for details: 401-619-0582 or"

This is in District 12. "Bliss" is a great little market with excellent food. It's the newly redone former Frasch's Bakery on Broadway which was famous for their mocha cakes. The Progressive League sponsored an interesting & informative film series this winter in Newport complete with experts & discussion. They've also sponsored a few peace marches in Washington Square. Gracious Audette (who lives in the Twelfth) is a co-founder & helped get the film series going.

The Whitehouse campaign has also been in Newport lately canvassing & is planning on setting up an office here. Sen. Chaffe is setting up office here(besides the Post Office office) also. Big bucks will be spent in this campaign. Probably #1 in the nation. 5 mill is the figure I hear for Dems. & definitely upward of that for the Reps. Hey, everyone wants to be in Newport in the summertime!


Carl Sheeler For Senate said...

Thanks for the coverage. We have a whole series of events with Ann Wright up next on 6/29, 7pm co-hosted by RICCP.

This campaign intends to restore the "US" in tr_ _ t.

Idealistic perhaps, but it's earned, not bought....

Hope to see you there. Carl

Thomas Kalinowski said...

Nitpick: I'm pretty sure Gracious Audette lives in the 13th Senate district, not the 12th.

Anonymous said...

No, she's in the 12th (according to voter records), unless she moved quite recently. The 12th is a VERY oddly shaped district.
She's OURS, all OURS!