Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Voting by Mail Possible in R.I.

Oregon & other states have recently inaugurated voting by mail. Such an idea! It's also referred to as "no excuse" absentee voting. Voting should be a great deal easier than it is.

Two years ago I looked into getting absentee ballots for my son & husband who were extremely busy on a project & I knew that they would have trouble making the voting hours. I thought it would be easy and that they even had a good excuse for not going to the polls. Forget it. It ain't easy.

I recall a number of years ago seeing a young mother with three young children walking away from a long voting line. What a pity as a school bond issue was on the ballot & her vote could have made a difference. But who could blame her for leaving?

I see far too many senior voters (like me) standing in line at various times during the day because, frankly, we have the time to do it. No wonder voting numbers in my age group are high. I also remember years ago going to vote with a stroller & an official insisting I couldn't take my child into the booth with me, so she watched him. And he screamed!!! Made everyone's voting experience memorable.

Voting should be easy & user friendly. We could easily pass legislation like this. It's cheap, increases turnout, & is secure. What's not to like?

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Carl Sheeler For Senate said...

Excellent thoughts. It'll happen when we our representatives see there's something to gain personally.

I agree let's make democracy easier.