Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Davinci's Raspberry Syrup- Trajedy Averted

I am mildly addicted to this stuff which I now buy at Walmart's- 4 to 5 bottles at a time because sometimes they don't have it and I live in fear that they may no longer carry it (a la "Marshall"s & T.J. Maxx).  Course, I'm nuts about raspberries (alas, season just ended).
Check out their web page for the latest flavors & recipes.  "Pumpkin Pie" is sounding pretty tasty!  And "Peanut Butter" (I had the most delicious p.b. coffee iced in a small shop recently) and "Chocolate Peanut Butter."
Mix it with o.j. or any juice, coffee, as topping on ice cream, in soda, whatever you can come up with.  You could make it, but why?  I wish it came with regular sugar, but I've not found it here.
I almost lost it before I found it at Walmart's- relief!

It's the little things in life that matter... right?  And raspberry syrup makes everything better.  Like chocolate.
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