Monday, September 23, 2013

Chuck Todd- It Ain't me, Babe!

Chuck Todd's (past Hopkins' U. lecturer) assertion that it's not his job to correct misinformation (in this case about the Affordable Healthcare Act) recently gives rise two questions- well then, whose job is it and what is yours?
 He is the NBC political news director & analyst with their website banner stating:

The first place for news and analysis from the NBC News Political Unit.

So... doesn't analysis correct wrong-thinking/talking? Huh?  Huh?  Doesn't it? 

It also gives rise to- exactly what is a reporter/analyst's job then?  Heck, even Joe Friday wanted "Nothing but the facts, ma'am."  If you're not getting them and just receiving yakkety-yak, you don't
challenge it?

Chuck is the "Most Powerful Journalist in Washington" according to GQ (2012).  The Fourth Estate no longer provides for a check on government?  The proud history of the Amercian Muckrackers who changed society is now dead?

Oh, Chuckie, baby.  Say it ain't so!

If you can't let us in on sheer malarkey using a national non-partisan platform, then whose devices are we left to?  Who's going to plug in all that info we need to make informed decisions? PBS?   Heck, they keep getting defunded (hmm, any connection here?).   I truly thought that was like, your JOB. 

If not, then no wonder news programs are passe along with newspapers.  Info is easy to obtain in the Information Age.  Connecting all the dots ain't.  Then sharing it with a nationwise audience is near-impossible.

Chuck has served as a "Desk Set." Long gone.  Along with news services.  And independent newspapers.   Reporters then  have become- note takers.  One side, other side.  Fair & balanced.  No matter who they are or what they say.  Watch the tennis game.

I'm baffled.  Big sigh.
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