Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bacardi's Cherry Coke

My son, "Big Wig" introduced me to this drink.  Then, and this was dirty and lowdown- left and took the necessary alcohol with him.  Upon my discovering this dastardly deed (yeah, it was his), I repeatedly asked what liquor it was- thinking that he would like, y'know, KNOW. 
So... after purchasing the wrong liquor(yuck,) and going to various spirit's stores with no luck, I checked online & found "Bacardi's Torched Cherry."  YUMMERS!
Here is the recipe:

Pour in the Coke.  Add the liquor (a splash will do it).  Presto- Cherry Coke!  But, remember, it's got a punch at sometime, somewhere.  I taste no liquor at all.

Another day... another discovery- word of mouth- the best way of all.

Big Wig also suggested some vodka- whipped cream.  Seems like a good idea.  Have not yet tried it.  So we'll see.  
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