Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If it's fresh corn on the cob and watermelon- It's SUMMER!

Watermelon spitting contests (even adults played) and drippy, salty fingers with matching chins occupy some of my earliest memories!  No such thing as bad watermelon or corn on the cob to my way of thinking!  Foods yummy, funny, AND good for you- what’s not to like? 

Your dining area may be the backyard, a party, or even a hot kitchen- totally irrelevant.  It’s SUMMER- no school, vacation, beaches!  Gotta love it!

The absolute best corn (a truly American food) is bought from a farmer- sitting under wet burlap bags to keep it fresh and moist.  The best way to cook- asap!  If you want it sweet, NOW  is the rule-of-thumb.  Sure you can store in the fridge, please, for a few days only, but it won’t be as sweet.

White, yellow, bi-color, as my mother would say, “You makes your choice & you takes your pick!”  Steam it (my fav), boil it, roast it, grill it (extra yummy but more prep-time involved)- it’s a chef’s choice.  Top it with (and here is where the calories come in)- nada, butter, salt, various seasonings and flavored butters- it’s all good- even cold!  Corn is good for you- mostly carbs, fiber, iron, thiamin, and Vitamin B.  But remember, the reason it’s sweet- carbs which convert to sugar.  So tread lightly here.

The biggest dilemma with corn-on-the-cob is HOW do you eat it?  With those cute little holders, an entire row across, by sections, or even scraped down to kernels only.  Don’t forget plenty of napkins and ?floss? toothpicks? for those darn kernels & silks, that get stuck (you know what I mean)

Personal-sized watermelons (looking like cute little babies), various colors & sizes of flesh- SUPERFOOD- watermelon!  Seedless?  Please.  They ALL have seeds- seedless just means no big, black ones- they’re more like cucumber seeds.  Stick with the regular, easier to spot the seeds & remove if you must.  And you can SPIT them out- I’m sure it’s quite acceptable in even the most polite company (and if it’s not why the heck are you there anyway?).

No prep needed- eat & enjoy.  You can store in the fridge for about a week tightly wrapped.  It will not ripen any after being picked, so choose a good one!  Don’t ask me how.  I go strictly by size and eye appeal and often opt for the slices (can't eat the whole thing).

Big slices, neat little chunks with no rind or seeds, combined with other fruits, grilled, marinated (with rum???), or, somebody, please, stop me! It’s all good.  Even juiced and added to a summer cocktail.  C’mon- it’s HEALTHY

So I say- bring on summer! Messy fingers, sloppy chins, whoo-hooo!  Bet I can out spit you!
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