Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Fine Whine

So, President Barack Obama dropped in on Rhode Island on Monday, and notably failed to endorse Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio. Caprio responded by saying, "He could take his endorsement and really shove it, as far as I'm concerned." WJAR, the local NBC affiliate in Providence, then polled the race, and found that Caprio had dropped from first place to third since a previous poll released on October 12. Specifically, Caprio fell from 37% to 25%, Independent Lincoln Chafee rose from 33% to 35%, Republican John Robitaille rose from 22% to 28%, Moderate Ken Block held steady at 2%, while undecideds rose from 6% to 10%. So Caprio dropped 12%, with 2% going to Chafee, 6% going to Robitaille, and 4% going to undecided.

It looks like "Vote for the Whiner" is not going to be a winning campaign slogan for Caprio.
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