Friday, July 02, 2010

New Blog

You haven't been hearing from me for awhile- and there's a reason for that!  I have relocated and am now using my born name of Rice- major life changes, indeed .
I am now living, at least for awhile, in a beautiful condo on the Susquehanna on the upper Eastern Shore in Maryland.  As I write on my deck on an absolutely gorgeous day with a warm temp & low humidity, I am looking down on the boat docks, watching and listening to the Acela train pass by nosily on the r.r. trestle, and gazing on the town of Harve de Grace.  Oops, another train is coming announced by two quick whistle blasts.
Noisey, yup.  But since my dad, granddad, etc. were r.r. for a few generations (N.Y., N.H., & H and B&O), I am comfortable.  Although, in the evening in bed when suddenly that very small bright light hits me and then the loud, low, slow rumble of the freight train shuffles by- less so.
I lived in Balto. County for many years as a kid & young adult.  I then grew up and lived and worked on the Eastern Shore during and after college.  As I like to tell people here, I did live here more than a few years ago.  I understand the language, but the lingo sometimes trips me up.  LOL!
So please feel to visit me on my new blog.  If u are ever in the area, u have a friend here with a BIG condo and an extra bed!  However, my connections to the Newport area are NOT completely gone.  My house, my dog, my sons, my house are still there!  At least for now.
No, u can't go home again.  But visiting is certainly interesting!!!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear your doing well, enjoy the summer. Good luck, Charlie

Thomas Kalinowski said...

Enjoy your life in Maryland, Eileen. Maybe I'll drop by next time I visit my family in Delaware.

Is it OK if I still post to this blog?

Unknown said...

Comments and articles are always appreciated! Visits also!