Thursday, July 02, 2009

Rename Your Poison!

The Providence Journal leads today with this story on the effort to change the state's name from Rhode Island and Providence Plantations to just plain Rhode Island, because the word "plantation" is just to slavery-ish. It's not as though we added the word to the state's name just to say "screw you" to blacks, the way the states of Mississippi and Georgia did when they added Confederate battle flags to their state flags. Back in the 17th century when it was first used, "plantation" was just a classy way to say colony.

I think that if we're going to go to all the trouble of holding a public referendum on a name change, we ought to change the name to something snappy, like "Baja Massachusetts" or "Little Connecticut" or "Aquidneck Island and Some Other Places". Or we could take a leaf from Family Guy and rename the state Quahog, which would have the advantage of leaving us alphabetically where we are now, between Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

And so, to name change proponents, I say: give me some interesting choices, or don't bother.
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