Monday, June 22, 2009

What Do YOU Think about the Proposed State Budget?

Your legislators want to know- truly. E-mail them or leave comments here. What do you think about the elimination of the new Insurance Regulators' office? Elimination of state aid? Freezing of school aid? Addition of new gas tax? Capital gains' tax elimination? Raising of the limits for Inheritance taxes?

You can't expect them to fight for you if they don't hear from you. They certainly will hear from various lobbying groups, though. So lobby for yourself & your family.

Rep. Deb Ruggiero wants to hear from you on the budget proposal. She is especially concerned over the elimination of the Insurance Commissioner. It seems to be that a quick million dollar cut was needed & this fit the bill- simple as that.

Hearings begin Wed. at 1 pm in the House.

Click here to urge repeal of the flat tax.
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