Friday, June 19, 2009

Towns Lose Under New Budget

Under the House's proposed General Budget, aid to towns & cities will be deep-sixed.

% = amount of municipal budget loss

Middletown $829,818 3.8%
Newport $1,564,837 2.92%
Tiverton $547,575 3.34%
Little Compton $89,670 1.93%

Portsmouth $554,736 2.84%

This could be restored in the flat tax were frozen or eliminated. But we wouldn't want to actually help all of us with our own monies, would be?

Thanks to & Tom Sgorous for the info. Meanwhile we keep the flat tax which costs us all lost revenues for the benefit of fewer than 15 residents. How's the working out for us?

Now is the time to let your local legislators hear your scream- before budget approval.

School aid is frozen, I believe- where it has been for the past few years while their expenses have gone up. How much more of this can local property tax payers bear? The Assembly swallowed up many sources of our income while looking "cool." Not so glam, however, when we all have to make up for the local shortfalls.

Local councils should be screaming along with local legislators. Listen ...
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