Thursday, June 04, 2009

St. Sen. DiPalma before the Middletown Town Council

**UPDATE** Darn! All that editing & hours of stuff for naught. I fixed & hopefully link will work now.

This is Sen. DiPalma giving a lege update at the Mon. Council meeting. I missed the first 3? minutes- the State is doing roadwork on W. Main, most of the Charter changes are on the guv's desk waiting to be signed, and the change giving seniors with limited incomes a local tax break is in committee.

Since it was so long (too long- 13 min.), it had to be divided. See Pt. 2.

My totally unsoliticed advice: whoa, Nellie! Stick to a script (less than 5 min.) which would help eliminate the run-on sentences during which we fall asleep wherein you also throw in so much stuff that it's like my kitchen sink and I lose track whereupon the sentence ends and I hear something I'm interested in but I'm so off-track at that point that it takes me by surprise and I'm unsure that I heard it correctly. Got it? KISS.

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