Friday, June 26, 2009

Only Seven Minutes?

What can you do in 7 minutes? My mom used to make a boiled "Seven Minute Frosting." You can play "7 Minutes in Heaven." Or you can approve a State budget in the Senate Finance Committee. Although Channel 10 says it only took 5 minutes.

Last year there was rebellion in this committee when it came to the supplemental budget. It took the Sen. Pres. & Majority & Minority Leaders to vote the budget out of committee (they don't usually show-up, although they have the right to). Two of those rebels (Gallo & Lanzi) are no longer on the committee & Moura chose not to run. The few remaining rebels were not given any leadership roles on the committee. Rather, newcomer Sen. DiPalma (our Sen.) was. Wanna bet that if you voted nay that any pending bills you had sitting in committee (your most important ones- natch) would just die there?

Good boys & good girls all- for now.

The floor vote has been postponed until today- Fri. Oh, shucks. They don't usually meet on Fri. How exhausting.

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