Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Down (but not out) at First Beach Update

**UPDATE** My new friend, Barry, sent me the lowdown on First Beach. The new harvester should be up & running next week. It was working fine ... until it wasn't. I would imagine there is a learning curve here for the operator(s).

He uses real butter, fresh lettuce, & Hellman's mayo for the twin lobster rolls. "Broadwalk" fries which are twice the cost of regular ones, but "worth it," are used. Portion size has been increased rather than profit now that the lobster costs have decreased. He uses frozen lobster. I didn't even realize that they froze lobster. I thought that it was only canned. They are super and I am fussy about these as I so seldom have one. Eat one & save the other for later. Or better yet- bring a friend! Buy local! Pray for sun & warm weather, too! ***

More correctly, I suppose it's Easton's Beach. I've been eagerly awaiting the new thresher which is supposed to control or eliminate the awful red seaweed there. Yuck! Unfortunately, I understand that the first time out it blew one of its balloon tires- not an auspicious sign. So no-go for awhile, but who swims now anyway besides the polar bears? On this promise of reduced seaweed, I am purcashing a beach sticker.

I love this beach! Close to me, picturesque, good parking, a nice walkway, & just downright pretty. If you have never tried the snackbar- do! Get the twin lobster rolls with fries. What a deal for $11 when compared to the current fresh market price of $24 for one elsewhere! Now I'm assuming it's canned lobster, but still -darn good with large chunks, a light mayo, & lettuce. It doesn't overflow so you can actually hold it in your hand while eating. Sitting at the beach in the sunlight while deliciously warm and eating lobster. Life is good.

You can always get a deal by parking, paying the fee, getting your snackbar recipe, & then being reimbused everything but $2. Same deal with the carousel. Sounds like a plan to me. Let's be honest here. Riding the carousel is fun at any age.

Their website also has two good webcams of the beach.
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