Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Senator Reed Wants Money!

This is the link for Sen. Reed's appropriation requests for 2010. Included are the Middletown Corporate Park improvements for appx. $1.38 million & monies for the new infrared system at First/Atlantic Beaches.

American Sail Training Organ. (Newport) for programs for youth at- risk while out of school: $250,000

City of Newport Incident Command Center: $250,000

URI- a Consortium for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: $1,250,000. URI seeks funding for a nanotechnology consortium with Brown University.

Salve Regina University: $600,000. Salve requests funding to expand its Blackstone Valley Workforce Training Initiative in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Newport Ultraviolet Disinfection System: $1,000,000 for funding an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system to reduce the bacteria loadings and improve beach water quality at Easton’s Beach.

Great Friends Meeting House Restoration- The Newport Historical Society: $265,000

Middletown Stormwater Infrastructure Improvements: $825,000

Newport Performing Arts Center, Restoration of the 1868 Newport Opera House: $500,000

Martin Luther King Community Center Repairs $180,000, Newport

Newport Cliff Walk Restoration: $3,000,000

Integrated Swimmer Defense Information Technology (ISD IT): $2,100,000 Middletown

Unique Item Identification (UII) Data Management SystemsRequest: $4,500,000, Tracking Solutions, Portsmouth

Common Command and Control Mission System: $2,400,000, Adaptive Methods, Middletown

Submarine Environment for Evaluation and Development (SEED): $4,000,000, Advanced Solutions for Tomorrow (ASFT), Middletown

Ellipsoidal Unmanned Underwater Vehicle: $5,500,000, Alion Science and Technology, Middletown

Improved Submarine Towed Array Systems: $4,100,000, BAE Systems, Middletown

Harbor Shield: $4,000,000, Battelle, Newport, RI

Engineered Biological Detectors for Biological Warfare Request: $1,500,000, BCR Diagnostics, Inc., Jamestown

Undersea Warfare Decision Support System: $2,000,000, DDL OMNI Engineering, Middletown

DoD Impact Aid Funding for Children with Disabilities: $5,000,000, National program used by schools in Newport, Portsmouth, and Middletown

Quiet and Compact Power Conversion and Actuators for Undersea Devices: $1,000,000, Electro Standard Laboratories (ESL), Cranston with work is to be performed at Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport

Virtual Maintenance Engineering Platform (VMEP): $1,200,000, General Physics Corporation, Middletown

Marine Personnel Carrier (MPC) Support System: $3,000,000, Group 81, Inc., Newport

Comprehensive Mishap Reduction System (CMR): $5,400,000, McLaughlin Research Corp., Middletown

Weapon Acquisition & Firing System (WAFS): $4,000,000, MIKEL, Middletown

Laser Collective Combat Advanced Training System (LCCATS): $7,000,000, MPRI/L-3, Middletown

Item Name: Reconfigurable Command and Control Center (RCACC): $2,615,000, Paramount Solutions, Newport

Acoustic Countermeasures Technology Transition: $3,000,000, Progeny, Middletown

Feature Based Pattern Recognition for Force Protection: $3,000,000, Prometheus Inc., Newport

Zumwalt Class Destroyer Program (DDG-1000): $Support President’s Budget, Raytheon (3rd ship)

Artificial Intelligence – Based Combat System (AI-BCS) Kernel: $5,000,000, Rite Solutions, Middletown

Narragansett Bay Hydrographic Survey: $4,000,000, SAIC, Newport

Organic Submarine Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Target Demonstration (ISRT OSAID): $5,000,000, Sea Corp, Middletown

There were more referring to the Navy Base & URI, but I weary. Nothing for mental health. Big sigh. Will all of these be granted? No.
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