Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Middletown Council Meets

It was quiet & short- for me not the Council. They met before for a budget workshop & after for negotiations with the Police Dept. Lucky me.

State Rep. Ruggiero gave a lege update. Funny, with new Rep./Sen., they do that now. She is focusing on the tax exemption for sr. (I think that will be a local vote) & the charter changes. She is opposed to DOT taking over local bridges, favors net metering. She said that the biggest issues facing the lege are pension reform & local revenue sharing. She shes herself as an "extension to your team [Council]." Finally, someone who gets it.

The wind turbine ordinance is still being worked on & so was cont'd. 3 testified as to the need to slow traffic on Forest Ave. with a "Stop" sign- Bill Medeiros, Bruce Ryerson, Bruce Long. This now gets sent to the police for a review/study.

An interesting discussion took place during the ordinance to raise harbor fees. Art Benner addressed the need for a Harbor Master. While the Town Admin. "Wuite Man" Brown said that this job is self-sustaining (I think, I couldn't hear him will), Benner pointed out that these moorings at Third Beach used to bring in income (what an idea!). 70 mooring at $100/each. There is a 10 yr. waiting list & owners often sublet them. Brown also said that the town provides pumping services for a few. Benner also reminded everyone that no one is there on weekends when there is the most boat traffic.

Benner brought up some valid points. We could provide zilch & make bucks. Eliminating this summer job would cause little hardship to locals. Steve Ponte, current harbor master, is also an elem. principal. In point of fact, every member of his family is town employed. I'm with Benner on this one.

I've been at Second/Third Beach when 5 police cars have been present. Really. 5. On more than one occasion. All on break? The ordinance will be read again next time & voted on.

That's about it. You can always check out the agenda for specific info. Everything passed.

I'll try & post up some more video- maybe tomorrow if my efforts suceed.
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