Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Middletown Council & Harbormaster

In Mon. Council meeting, resident Art Benner spoke to the harbor ordinance. I mistakingly thought that it called for an increase in various costs to the public, but actually it was calling for a $25 fee to tie up to the town's 5 new public moorings at Third Beach. Hey, Mrs. Know-It-All doesn't know EVERYTHING.

Art brings up several valid points- mainly concerning the Harbormaster (Steve Ponte). This summer job is 5 days/wk.- no weekends when it's the busiest.

There are 70 moorings which bring in $100/yr. There is a waiting list of appx. 10 yrs. People often sublease these moorings. Now before a harbormaster, this was all income. Even with the pumping fees which the Harbormaster manages, thuis program falls short of $.

So why have a Harbormaster at all is Benner's valid question. The loss of this job would cost elem. Principal Ponte no severe hardship and all the other members of his family are town employees. We would then regain an income from Third Beach.

I've been at Second & Third Beaches where there were FIVE cop cars present. FIVE. And on more than one occasion. When there is a problem at the beaches who handles the problems- lifeguards & police. I'm wondering if at some point this job was originally funded through fed'l funding for homeland security. Well, it ain't now.

So here are Art's thoughts.

And a big thanks to John McDaid at Hard Deadlines who explained to me how to get video off the t.v. & my son who helped me with the finer points. I'm still working out kinks, but it's still pretty neat overall, I think.

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