Friday, May 08, 2009

Here Comes the Sun!

What's that big golden glow in the sky? I can actually see birds AND planes. The fog & dark sky has FINALLY lifted. It STOPPED raining. Talk about depressing weather. But wait! It's coming back tomorrow. Lucky us. No duckies have showed up in my backyard pond/depression. No ibis' wandering around either. What's up?

I gotta go enjoy while I can. Maybe today is a bike ride. At least a walk.

On Sat. there is a town budget hearing from 9-2. You can also buy beach passes at the Second Beach gazebo on Sat. & Sun. from 9-3 How come I haven't seen any postings for beach jobs on the town's site??? I've been watching for a LONG time. Nothing on their Twitter site either. I asked & am eagerly awaiting.

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