Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hearing on New Basic Education Plan

The Board of Regents is holding one on Monday at MHS on their newest proposal. Wow, so much publicity on this. The press release from them is dated May 4. So much notice. You think they are actually interested in receiving your "public comment?" LOL.

Not familiar with the BEP? It's the Constitution or the Bible for ALL our public schools. Currently it's over 400 pages and covers everything that your school must offer & includes staffing. I know that without the BEP backing us up in the libraries, we would have gone back in time to the closet libraries where you never actually saw a librarian. And little wonder as there were 8 elementary schools & 1 clerk (no computers then). The required funding wasn't much (think 1967 & about $1.50/kid), but at least it was something. The download for the new doc doesn't work. What a surprise.

The specificity of it guarantees that the schools in Newport offer the same basic education as the schools in Little Compton, Tiverton, & Middletown. The proposal is 40 pages long. 40 pages.
The hearing begins at 6 pm. Important? Yup. But aside from this & a short article on it in todays Projo, who cares? The purpose of the change is to update the doc & "assert a greater degree of state influence." Yeah, sure inspires confidence in me.
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