Friday, April 03, 2009

R.I. House Supplemental Budget

**UPDATE** Budget passes both houses. Waiting now to see what the guv does, but it would appear to be veto-proof anyway. No gas tax increase, more $ restored for nursing homes, & half of the State monies for towns/cities stays. Now, as for next year's budget...

**UPDATE** Here is the Projo link. The money comes from various places.

**UPDATE** 25 million was just added to the budget for General Revenue funding to towns & cities. This is still less than they were originally promised but it's more than nothing. I am unsure where this $ is coming from.

Here's the latest budget. Will it pass? I think that you'll see changes. Will the Guv veto it? Who knows? Can it survive a veto? What will happen when it gets to the Senate? No, this is no April Fools' joke.

Loss of General Revenue funding: Middletown: $857,706; Newport: $1,662,651; Little Compton: $102,481; Tiverton: $583,158

Education Aid is slightly increased:

Middletown: $108,450; Newport: $181,084; Little Compton: $19,356; Tiverton: $121,121

Other General Fund (Permanent School Fund & Professional Development) losses are:

Little Compton: $19,356; Middletown: $108,450; Newport: $181,084; Tiverton: $121,121

But I weary. Read it yourself. Remember, these are funds were promised to districts. Some of these used to be town revenues taken over by the State with the promise that we would be reimbused for their loss. That didn't work out that well, did it? Many expenditures are also mandated & regulated by the State, so the guv's cry of locals spending too much doesn't hold much water.

Cuts, cuts, cuts. Raise the gasoline & cigarette taxes, raise fees exorbitantly (think motor vehicles), etc. But, forget postponing that new flat tax on the wealthiest 3,000 R. I taxpayers with most living out of state. This will cause the state to LOSE millions with no guarantee that it will provide any kind of stimulus. Decrease the taxes on the wealthiest and they will not only come, but Spend, Spend, Spend! Yes, and that's worked out so well for the nation as a whole, hasn't it?

Will the federal funds help the towns & cities adjust their budgets? Will they actually save some jobs & stimulate more? Will those wealthy flock here? Will the lege leadership survive all of this? You got me! Reminds me of the old radio soap operas my mom used to listen to- tune in tomorrow!

Here is Tom Sgouras' take on it. I'm with Tom on this one. House legislators: Vote No! Everyone needs to share in the sacrifice & this budget just doesn't do it. For those who do vote no- will they survive the Lege Siberia? Here is NDN columnist Joe Baker's take.

When this is finished... there is the budget for the coming year... Scary, very scary. Tune in tomorrow!
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