Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Middletown Council Meets with School Committee Tonight

That's at 6 PM tonight at Oliphant School (cellar). The school budget IS the Council's budget, for the most part. I can't recall (brain freeze) whether or not the public may speak at a workshop; although, I've always found members quite willing to receive input from attendees.

Beer afterwards? Works for me. Myself, I like the Brew Pub (Connell Highway) where they make their own beer. Now that I think about it, forget the stupid meeting & just go to the pub.


Anonymous said...

I liked the idea of meeting at the Brew Pub, sorry that I saw it so late. Got to be better than sitting threw those meetings.

Unknown said...

You never know how lively they may or may not be. This one definitely livened up after the first 45 min.
The beer was cold & quite good. We're the seated group solving the world's problems. Appetizers help.
Anyone is always welcome! Talk is cheap!