Monday, April 27, 2009

Kennedy School Closing

It's a fact despite some parents at both Kennedy & Aquidneck Schools protesting it.

In the Fall I kept asking if anyone was interesting in covering school committee meetings. I knew that with huge anticipated cuts on the horizon (and more coming), momentous decisions would be made here. Unfortunately, they happened while many were sleeping.

Why school closings? Frankly, it saves big bucks in one fell swoop. You don't cut services, just operational costs & some personnel. Other cuts (and they have a list of 15 chopping block items) end programs with much smaller savings. By closing a school, all those kids still will be educated & you'll get a lot less flak. Most Councilors rec'd not one phone call on the topic. If the school committee doesn't cut costs here, you've got to give them an alternative. What is it?

Throughout the years there have been MANY class/school reassignments. You can argue educational opporunities; but, for the most part, it was bottom line costs that were the determining factor.

I was at Gaudet when gr. 7 was moved there. It was a similar setup to what they are now proposing for grade 4. It was an isolated corridor and it worked wonderfully, for the most part. I don't doubt that this will to despite all the protestations of contact with older students.

Expect to see many more $ reductions in future budgets. School committees & town councils throughout the state have no alternatives. It is, as they say, hitting the fan now.

There are some interesting postings here. This is the time to be considering running for school committee. Too often these positions are just- hey, you want it? You got it! Few local forums and when there are- no one shows. It you want better government, you have to stay involved in current happenings and elections. Otherwise...

School regionarlization? So prove to me that it actually saves $. From my studies on the topics, it just adds another layer of bureaucracy. I just don't think you'll see it happening. What you will see is more & more districts co-operating on certain areas. Because they want to & it works. Much better.

I applaud the parents for their concern and work. It's not easy. So what now? I think that across the State this year and next you'll start to see rashes of lawsuits against the State. Point your fingers there & at the Feds. Seen any of them involved here lately?
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