Friday, April 10, 2009

Kempen's Suit Against Middletown Continues

As the battle ranges on, another volley has been fired. I sue you, you sue me. The stakes are high at this point. The town wants its settlement back & Kempen doesn't want to return it.

The only thing the man has ever wanted to do was publicly speak about his term as Town Admin. So let him. His lawyer, Wakefield's Michael Brady, has filed a list of 22 questions for former Councilor Shirley Mello to respond to within 40 days.

Some are simple: name, address, dates served, etc. The first half of the questions ask for all documents, notes, & communications Mello had either about or with Kempen. It asks if Mello filled out a job performance evaluation of Kempen & what she based this on.

The second half then gets to the nitty gritty. Three questions deal with Mello's statement that "Kempen threatened to sue the town." Another one with "you think that he should be able to come forward and accuse and threaten to sue without any response from us?"

It then asks about any unofficial communications with herself and former Council Chair Paul Roderigues and former Councilor Barrows. Lastly, it asks for any communications on the matter with the current Council.

Whew! These interrogatories are no fun. You swear that your answers are full & truthful. Better not make any mistakes! Since this matter arises from the time she served on the Council, we all will be paying for her use of the Town Solicitor. Lucky us!

How much has all this cost us? Plenty. Will it ever end? Yes, but not soon and we may never actually know the outcome- meaning that it could all be settled quietly out of court. Likely.
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