Friday, March 06, 2009


The good news it that we have our own local (kinda, sorta) radio station. The bad news is who owns it: Astro Tele-Communications. Astro is principally owned by Needham, Mass. businessman, Maurice Polayes for $1.8 mil in 1999. WJZS (99.3FM) & WADK (1540) FM) are its RI stations.

Now I've grown-up listening to WADK & still do- sometimes (like I read the NDN). I recall when they had an actual news division with- REPORTERS (more than one). I also remember when most all of their programming was local. Alas. No longer.

Here is their daily schedule: Laura Ingraham. Think ranting, screaming, female Rush Limbaugh- so-called Republican "Conservative." 9-11 AM. Gag me with a spoon. Yup, everyone LOVES Laura.

Dr. Joy Browne. 2-4. Another gag me.

And then there's Jerry Doyle from 4-6 PM. Sorry, haven't caugh this one yet.

And we could have local coverage with local ads. But am I surprised? Maurice. Nope. Never met the guy. Fairly generous giver to Republican politicos (surprise, surprise). A frequent complainer to his local rag about local taxes while giving $2.5 mil for a local medical chair in his bro's memory, & still pleading as a senior for... reduced taxes. You got me. I suppose his purchase of this local station was to convert us all to neocons while... making a buck.

I would think more local programming might do that but what do I know about running a small radio station?

So apprecciate what we have while we have it- some local news which seems to be primarily from the AP or Projo. Local sports coverage. Some local programming on Sat. & squished in after lunch (guest hosts). Ah, the afternoon guest hosts. When I need to sleep, this is often where I turn. Sorry. but that's the truth of it. Some are better than others- Kehew and Stokes. Variations in voice intonation is a good thing after all.

So thanks Angel, Berlutti, and Barrett. While we have you. I'm sure the owner is paying you big bucks. Hello, owner! Improvements needed. WADK- I recall when every radio in town was tuned tuned in- not out. I suppose the good news is that ads are cheap. But more listeners would be a good thing. To do that- you need good local programming! Fair and balanced. Yeah. Silly me.
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