Thursday, March 19, 2009

Second Beach- Handcuffed!

***I'm updating because I forgot to mention the two Councilors who spoke in opposition to the new ordinance. It's difficult being in the minority. They were Councilors VonVillas & Sylvia with Councilor Silveira (also on record as being opposed) being absent. Is this new ordinance a slam dunk? I'm afraid that it is unless people speak up! With such an ordinance, making ANY changes- like adding bathrooms or a new beach pavilion, could well be adios. All this other crap that's being thrown in is just that- it's supposed to make you afraid very afraid. After all, it's certainly worked before. Don't kid yourself- you ARE in control. All this does is take a good bit of that away. Why give up any rights at the beach at all?
Here is the Daily News' take on the attempt by the Council to encumber this area with a new ordinace. "During Monday’s meeting, most on the council agreed that people should have a chance to speak on any major changes, but Miller warned that the more restrictive an ordinance, the more likelihood there would be of unintended consequences." (NDN) You should listen to your lawyer.

This translates as legal-eagle talk for: you might want it to say & mean this, but who knows? What it actually comes down to is this: some of you blooming idiots out there (and you know who you are), might not have a lick of sense when you elect a future Council. So we'll fix that! Encumbering this property when you don't have to is ridiculous. It's like tying your hands because they might do something in the future that you don't like. They might concentrate instead on cleaning up the one beach area we already do have & are having problems with. They might want to consider how local gov't will run with ever-decreasing funding. They might want to- THINK!

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