Monday, March 16, 2009

Middletown Senior Center- What's Up?

The Senior Center serves lunch Mon.- Fri. You pay $10 to join and $3.00/meal or any donation. The State funds this program with a minimum requirement number. These meals are served by paid workers & prepared & shipped from Cranston.

It's difficult from the minutes to get actual numbers of meals served. In 2006 there were 5 months of numbers. The average was 450. But with so little data, I hesitate to give that number. 2007 gives only one number- 513 (in March report) and 2008 389 (Nov.) It appears that numbers are down. The latest set of numbers (well, actually, number), represents less than 20/day. How effective is this program then?

On their website there is scant information. If you're lucky you may view a recent newsletter and menu. The newsletter is printed & mailed out by the town. Under the previous Director, sponsors paid for the printing through advertising. While in the Middletown Library I recently picked up the Newport Edward King Newsletter (nope, none from Midd.). Their newsletter was twice the size of Middletown's (Newport also has a Senior Center at Florence Gray) and the printing was paid for by- sponsors! Hello!

The minutes frequently talk about increasing membership. In 2006 a mass mailing of a pamphlet from them was sent out to all seniors. Wow, that must have cost a pretty penny. So exactly how many paid members are there at the Center? 379 says Town Admin. Sean Brown. How many are eligibile? Later. I'll have to play with Excel voting files for that & it won't be pretty. We'll talk budget later in the series. This has been Part 3 in a series. There will be a Part 4 regarding problem responsibilites and Part 5 will touch on various solutions. At least, that's the plan.
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