Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Middletown Council- Meets!

No, I couldn't make it. But I know some of you readers did. So what happened besides Council Bozyan stating that he's in the dark about conflict of interest laws? Both myself & Councilor Silveira had previously suggested that you might want to have public workshops with the Attorney General & Sec'y of St. regarding this & public meeting regs. Yes, it matters. The NDN likes to take the meetings & turn them into several articles (multi-tasking?). So only the trash program made it to today's paper & some other minutes (I personally thank you for that). Councilor Sylvia's proposal to vote on several solutions was sent- to the trash heap. Shocker.

So here are some quotes in case you missed them from their coverage. Thanks to reporter Matt Sheley:

“I feel it’s a great program, but like any new business, it needs time to get its legs,” Town Council President Christopher T. Semonelli said." And that means??? It's been 1 1/2 yrs. I'm also going to note here that you can now drop some electronic items off for zilch at the Public Works garage but there is NOTHING on their site about this. If you missed the Snooze article, tough luck!

“I think it’s getting better because of the new bulky-waste features,” Councilman Frank A. “Arak” Bozyan said. “If you count the number of people in this room, there aren’t very many people angry about the trash system.” Bulky-waste features??? Count the number of people in the room? How many were there? 30? 20? 10? So what? You don't actually have to be "angry" not to like it, do you? It would seem that the amount of non-participants & likely some of the participants, aren't exactly crazy about it.

It's not a good thing to totally rely on only one site for your news. I can remember when we had not only the NDN, but Projo, WADK, & Ron Santa's newsletter. Zilch now. And "Newport This Week" seems also to have bid us bye-bye. I can't always make these Council meetings, or School meetings. But I know that some of you go- so take some notes! You don't even to have to use your real name. Otherwise... everything I know, I get from the NDN. And I don't care how good they are, this ain't a "good thing." If recent history has taught us anything, this be it.
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