Monday, March 02, 2009


So much news, so little time.

My elective surgery went well at Newport Hospital. Thanks for all the encouraging notes. I heart N.Hosp. Elective surgery ALWAYS sounds better in the abstract than in the reality. So my original problem does seem to have disappeared. But now I am sore & cannot yet stand up straight & no driving. But I only take my painkillers (LOVE THEM) at night. So I am not quite as sleepy or goofy.

I've lost 20 lbs., in 2 or 3 wks., but I don't recommend my diet: first- you have surgery; then you don't feel hungry.

I'll point you to two articles regarding R.I. both are from the NYT: one regarding marriage equality and the other regarding our economic meltdown. Thanks to friends for pointing them out.

Tonight the Middletown Council supposedly meets... unless it doesn't. Some interesting topics- E-Z Pay trash removal program plus "Council President Semonelli and Councillor Bozyan, re: Discussion of ways of insuring public input regarding the preservation, future development or transfer of interest in Second Beach." Uh-oh. Exactly what does this mean? Some background here- thep previous Council tried to transfer all development rights at the Beach to the Land Trust. In other words, we trust ourselves, but those future Councils will likely have dopes on them & do awful things there. And you know, you Can NEVER trust those voters. Like I'm always saying, in this State, it's hard to tell the Dems from the Reps without a score card. Why we should voluntarily give up anything that we ALL own to anyone for zilch, is beyond me.

Oh, & the renewal of drain layers' licenses is also on the agenda. Sorry, I'm entitled to my little jokes. There is also Sylvia's property tax proposal for seniors. Could be lively discussions; especially since Sylvia, Silveira, and Independent VonVillas are on the out's with the Dem. Town Committee (and myself among others) & Republican Santos "In." Go figure. The more things change sometimes, the more they stay the same. But that's a topic for another day. I can't make it to the Council meeting. Anyone else care to report?

I've also been keeping a very interested eye on Newport Council meetings. Ah, the curse & blessing of living in interesting times. Then there's the Lege.

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