Friday, January 09, 2009

R.I. House Supplemental Spending Bill

Thanks to fellow blogger Carol Andrew Morse at Anchor Rising for posting much of the specific legal eagle info regarding the guv's proposed budget. It is in the form of a bill sponsored by House Minority Leader Watson (the usual suspect) & shows the specific changes to current legislation being advocating. This is the funding bill that is submitted to the House Finance Committee with whom MUCH power lies. They will receive it, hold hearings, suggest changes, & then vote on it before forwarding it to the entire House (spending bills must originate in the House). Then it's the Senate's turn, but not much happens there usually. Although last year there was rebellion in the Senate Finance Committee and they ALMOST did not forward the House's spending bill to the floor. This would have had major consequences as both houses must come up with a spending plan that both agree on.
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