Thursday, January 08, 2009

More on Governor's Supplemental Budget

Providing some additional info, but not as much as I've previously mentioned, is Projo. I'm supposing the lack of info is due to the fact that all of this was released last night, making the budget look good until more actual facts are released. The response from two Middletown Councillors- Silveira (out-of-town) & VonVillas was that they needed more info. Town Admin. Brown (the low talker) will be a busy little devil working with this. You'll be hearing a LOT more from him in the coming weeks.

Remember, we're speaking on the current budget 2008-9. The R.I. budget cycle goes from July to July. The guv has taken particular aim at Unions- statewide & local. He concentrates on police, fire, teachers, and statewide retirements. By lifting some state laws, he hopes to give localities a method to reduce their budgets. Should some of these laws even be there is certainly up for debate. Before he's targeted State workers, now his aim is much broader.

Doubtless, it's going to be a lively discussion. When you've spent your last 6 yr. taking aim at publicly paid Union workers and blaming them for much of the State's problems, the broader, pointed attack now, is going to arouse much passion. Think "us" against "them" taking the money out of our pockets.

Few facts or commentary on what the Guv plans to do with whatever funding the Feds plan on sending our way. It would be interesting to hear what's in his pipeline and lend a lot more to the overall discussion, not to mention his credability.

Here are Joe Baker's numbers of how much our aid is expected to be cut:
Little Compton: $89,670; Middletown: $829,818; Newport: $1,564,737; Tiverton: $547,575.

Again, I haven't rec'd any comments from local officials apart from wanting more info. And any initial thoughts that they may have are likely unprintable.
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