Monday, January 12, 2009

Middletown Corporate Park

The State is including a request for improvements to Middletown's Corporate Park on a list of projects identified for “accelerated” consideration for federal Economic Development Administration funding. EDA requested a list of “ready-to-go” projects in the state resulting in both short and long term construction jobs. This unusual request from EDA stems from the state’s current unemployment rate and other economic conditions.

This still needs approval by the state Planning Council which moves us closer to funding-$856,000 for federal funding and a matching amount from the town.

Improvements to the park infrastructure are expected to encourage private sector investment in development and expansion of businesses there, helping to maintain an important component of the local tax base. The corporate park (we actually have two) has been described as our economic engine. The park is on Valley Rd. The other park is off West Main Rd. When the developers ran into problems selling space, the town allowed them to build single-family houses there. A real short-sighted mistake.

At some point, perhaps the next Council meeting, they will hear a complaint from neighbors who want the business building max height requirement lowered (amounting to a floor). Placing a croporate park next to a residential zone was sheer insanity. But then a lot of Middletown's zoning translated to insanity. I live in R40 zoning while surrounded (next door) by R10. It depended on who-you-knew when zoning was being developed/changed. is what it is. Stay alert!
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