Thursday, January 01, 2009

Former Sen. Pell Dies

From Projo & Former Senator Pell died today just after the start of the New Year." He left the Senate in 1996 when his Parkinson's disease began making life difficult. Sen. Jack Reed was then elected.

Senator Pell was an early Hillary support while his wife supported Obama. What an interesting life! He is survived by his wife, Nuala; his son, Christopher, of Newport; a daughter, Dallas Pell, of New York City; five grandchildren and five great grandchildren. His son, Herbert Pell, died in 1999 and his daughter, Julia Pell, died in 2006.
While his name will live on here as Newport's Pell Bridge, it's his federal Pell Grants that will be long remembered and continues to this day. It paid for my husband's texts. My husband was lucky in that he is one of the many who got to thank him for this in person.

I still recall seeing him run along Bellevue Ave. & other local streets wearing his well-worn corduroys & a sports coat before Parkinsons' left him unable to do so. Sometimes he'd have on short (not joggers) & usually regular leather shoes (sometimes sneakers). I remember hearing his grandson tell the story of how much he admired his grandfather & one day decided to jog with him. He then came home & threw up!

The good Senator will be missed here. Condolences go out to his wife & family. They were present for his death.
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