Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Food Donations Wanted!

Annual Pay It Forward Event!
January 19 - February 16, 2009
30% off

Ki-Ra Salon's Pay It Forward Event starts next week. Bring in a bag or two of nonperishable food or hygiene products and receive 30% off any services or retail totaling $25.00 or more. All donations go to a LOCAL food bank. Please help make this our biggest year ever.

6 W. Marlborough St., almost next to Cardines Field in Newport.

How did I find out about this salon? I complemented Sen. Paiva-Weed on her hair one day. No I know that she is a curly-top and it was a very hot, humid day. The kind of day that sends curls into outer space- I mean frizz central. But she was perfectly coiffed- smooth, flat, and neat. The secret was- Ki-ra. If you ask them, they'll tell you (and I agree), it's not just the cut, it's the products that you use. So you'll see me now- curly BUT controlled. A happy camper am I. Now that I know the secret (ah, sometimes change IS for the better), I alternate salons. Keeping it local & spreading the wealth.
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