Saturday, January 03, 2009

FDA Wants to Improve Your Eyelashes

I've been enjoying reading that the FDA has approved a glaucoma related drug that improves eyelashes. It certainly made it to all the media outlets. Now, let me add that aging contributes to loss of eyelashes & this new product seemed a like a good idea to me. This would be the first one that actually has FDA sanction rather than a purely cosmetic use which needs nada. Sure, the fact that it is primarily a glaucoma drug did give me pause, but if the FDA says that it's safe, well, it must be.

the drug insert on this one regarding possible side effects:
“Blindness; blurred or decreased vision; change in color vision; color changes in skin around eyes; difficulty seeing at night; eye color changes; fever or chills; lack or loss of strength; redness, burning, dry or itching eyes; redness, pain, swelling of eye, eyelid, or inner lining of eyelid.” (source)

However, in checking out this source, I found a different list of possible side effects- much more minor (here). The former listed side effects are for the eye product (Lumigan) which is placed directly into the eye by drops. The eyelash product- "Latisse"- is wanded onto the lash line (top only). The product is approved for Canada- yet. The cost will be $130 for a month supply & should be available in March. The results will go away within a few months after taking it. HERE is more info.

So how safe is this product? Too good to be true or does it deliver what the drug company says. after all? Really, what good is a glaucoma drug that may lead to possible blindness (although rarely)? I know that the new product doesn't go into the eye, but how many times have you gotten mascara all over the bloody place, especially if you have a slight tremor as I do? It also may lead to discoloration of the lash line. How much do you trust the FDA? I'll wait on this one, I think. The price also seems a bit steep and you'll also need a script for it.

How much is beauty worth? Allergan (the drug maker) is hoping that it's worth a LOT to you. They're also hoping that further testing will okay it for increased hair growth on the eyebrows & scalp. Scalp? Ah, the golden fleece.
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