Monday, January 12, 2009

District Budget Woes- Speak!

**UPDATE** The editorial from the NDN is right on the money:

"JEERS to elected officials who seem to be in state of shock — or perhaps denial — when it comes to the state’s financial crisis and the impact it will have on the local level.

Make no mistake: The state already was facing a crisis last summer, when candidates had to file their official paperwork to run for office. And although the exact figure may have been a moving target — and, to a great extent, still is — the multi-million-dollar budget deficits looming over the state and the effect they would have on local communities was one of several topics discussed during candidate interviews The Daily News held in October.

So to hear an elected official say “this isn’t what I bargained for when I ran” — as Tiverton Town Councilman Edward Roderick did last week — is both surprising and disappointing. Although extremely difficult decisions are going to have to be made, that is exactly what we bargained for when we elected our state and local leaders."

BTW- You said this about him in your endorsement: "We also like first-time candidate Edward Roderick, who brings with him experience of working for 20-plus years in the affordable and public housing field and six years on the Personnel Board in Pawtucket."

Guess you missed something. Shocking. So what was his response to your state budget questions? I don't see anything in print if you considered it so important.****

Further Update: Evidently Mayor Napolitano & a few Newport Councilors can speak after all. Also include Sen. DiPalma & Paiva-Weed in that list. (NDN)****

I haven't rec'd or even heard any official comment from anyone (hello, politicans) regarding the Guv's proposed supplementary budget fix- promises, promises. Why not? Hey, oh, darn, we set our budget along with your promised funding last June. Isn't getting it right your job? Or, how come your office gets to over-spend? Even- hmm, doesn't seem to be a good idea & purports hard times for the locals, works. "It sucks," probably should be quietly circulated. Maybe you even think it's a good thing. KISS, baby. Dissertation NOT needed. But speak. You didn't seem to have difficulty during the campaign after all. This is where the rubber meets the road. I haven't heard one island or district politican utter a syllable. Is cutting community budgets a good thing mid-stream? Consider yourself spanked.

I was also happy to see that the NDN commented in an editorial on the proposed budget cuts. Oh, that's right, they didn't. More on kettlebells! Ring in that New Year!
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