Thursday, December 11, 2008

They printed it!

Those cheeky monkeys at the Newport Daily News actually printed my response to Helen Flynn in today's issue. I had to shorten it a bit to make it fit their LTE word limits, excising my quote from Wikipedia and the paragraph where I accuse Hillary, McCain and Palin of being in on the birth certificate conspiracy, but the heart of the letter is there. All I can say at this point is BWA-HA-HAAAA!

To be sure, there will doubtless be some out there who will take my words literally, and assume that I actually believe there is some doubt about Obama's American citizenship and qualification to be president. That's the price we pay for snark. On the off chance that someone who reads the thing is aware that I blog here, let me make my position plain:

In my LTE, I was engaged in what is known as "mockery". I pretended to agree with Ms. Flynn that Obama's birth certificate might be a forgery, as part of a clever ploy to make sport of her, and those like her. I don't actually believe that Obama was born in Kenya or Indonesia. I do in fact believe that he was born in Hawaii to an American citizen, and that he fully meets the U.S. Constitution's citizenship qualifications for the presidency.

On the other hand, speaking as a proud member of the Democratic Party, I do earnestly hope that Ms. Flynn and her fellow birth certificate crazies follow my bad advice. I hope they raise a big old fuss about the issue, organize themselves, and try to take over the Rhode Island Republican Party, thereby driving the last nail into the coffin of the RI GOP. As an aid to Ms. Flynn, I invite her to view this copy of Obama's real birth certificate, and hope that she and her fellow Concerned Americans broadcast its existence far and wide.

As I said before, go to it, Ms. Flynn, and good luck.

UPDATE: Washington-based writer and veteran broadcast journalist Wes Vernon warns his fellow conservatives that all this birth certificate nonsense threatens to distract people from real stories like the murder of Vince Foster and Saddam Hussein's involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing. No, really.
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