Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Peace for Gaza?

I thought that the Prez & Condi solve this little problem with more than 16 recent trips. Silly me. The following press release is from the IWC: a coalition of Palestinian, Israeli and international women who recognize the urgent need to achieve a meaningful peace between Israelis and Palestinians and feel a shared commitment to accomplish this goal.

Imagine, pushing for peace at Chrismastime. Whatever are they thinking? They don't actually buy into all that Peace on Earth stuff, do they?? Heck, we've got our own problems. You may also enjoy listening to former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski offering his take on the conflict in Gaza. He certainly points his finger at the Bush administration and their extended lack of interest despite host Joe Scarborough offering up lame excuses. It's about the most thoughtful explanation of the situation & how the U.S. should approach it that I've heard. Hey, if the Irish and English can have peace in Northern Ireland, there is certainly hope for the Gaza strip, isn't there? I'd certainly like to believe so.


The International Women’s Commission (IWC) for a Just and Sustainable Palestinian-Israeli Peace demands an immediate cessation of the aggression by the Israeli military forces in Gaza, which has already cost hundreds of lives. This slaughter can only further fuel the conflict and quash any remaining Israeli and Palestinian people.
The IWC calls on the international community, and specifically to the Quartet, to immediately deploy an international force to bring an end to this madness, to protect innocent civilians and to alleviate the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
The IWC further appeals to the Quartet, and in particular to the incoming US Administration, to press for immediate resumption of peace negotiations based on the Arab Peace Initiative as the only way of bringing an end to the occupation and achieving sustainable peace between Israel and Palestine, and in the region.Read

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