Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Old Newport at Christmas

The article was in yesterday's Projo & I just got around reading it today to my husband who I knew would enjoy it- it's pre-Newport's Pell Bridge. By the time I moved here in the early 70's, Newport had already changed from these times, but not greatly- the Navy was still here in full force.

Read it- you'll enjoy it. I'm not familiar with the writer- Charles Pinning, but thanks for writing it. It's a gem!

My husband is now remembering "The Boston Store" (mostly clothes) at the fleet landing. His mom would point out that the landing was where his (great?) aunt's had had Ryan's Restaurant & various barrooms (they were bootleggers, God blem 'em). Going to Middletown was like visiting Siberia- all farms.

I remember the fleet being all lit up. They had contests among themselves & were grand to behold! I also remember going down to the "Big Pond" which the police had roped off for ice skating. What are your local memories?
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