Friday, December 26, 2008

E-Z Pass Non E-Z Signup

Turns out that it's not easy after all. HERE is the link for all the info. Want the discount resident rate? It's especially non-e-z then. You must download the app. You then have to go there in-person with your residency proof: Utility Bill, Tax Bill, Copy of Rental or Lease Agreement, RI College Student ID

No, your license is worth crap as proof of residency. No, they cannot accept just the # of it online. Yes, you need to be able to pay $. Here are the hours in Jamestown:

7am - 7pm Monday through Friday
8am - Noon on Saturday
(12/31/08 office will close at 2:00)

Yes, you need to use two tokens to get there. Go figure. Tokens will be good until mid-January.

Yeah, E-Z. And cheap. Unless, of course, you have a heavy van. Thanks so much. And the slow-down caused by the the gates at the E-Z lanes. We keep thinking that they're smarter than us, don't we? WHY??? Blame the members of this great authority for all this ****. And let's not forget member Mayor Waluk of Newport. So how much has been saved with this? Naught. We're in the hole. How will we benefit? It's the same old, same old- "And then a miracle occurs." We're going to need a New Year full of them.
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