Monday, December 29, 2008

British Unhappy with Raytheon

Not much news here regarding the protest in Bristol, England taking place on Raytheon's rooftop for more than a week. Why are they angry? They're protesting Raytheon's making of weapons used in Iraq & Afghanistan. Their use by Israelis is also causing concern as well as the use of radar, often on unsuspecting civilian populations (hello, Portsmouth).

Raytheon, the fifth largest arms producer in the world (and the 4th largest in the U.S.), has been subjected to numerous fines & lawsuits. On a more local level, it also offers some reasoning why they are so opposed to utilizing the license they have (and don't use) for building a water processing plant on unused land that they own to take care of our island's waste water woes. They also oppose any housing in this area.
“Raytheon doesn’t want a huge residential development there,” Kennedy said. The congressman said he has met with Raytheon officials and they explained their concerns.“During testing, Raytheon blasts radar [and sonar?] out onto the bay,” Kennedy said. He said the company does not want to do that testing around heavy residential development. He said there are some people who believe that persistent exposure to radar can cause cancer, similar to concerns some people have about living close to overhead high-tension power lines. (NDN)

More info here on its latest problems to bilk Americans out of $$$. Recently they've been catching flak over their toxic pollution sites & illegal selling to Pakistan. Raytheon used to have a civilian projects division but that has gone bye-bye. More $ in military weapon contracts. Raytheon has made the top 10 0f federal contractors gone bad with 17 instances of illegal behavior subjected to $475.8m in fines since 1995. Oh, you kid!

But we don't want to speak too much about this. After all, they're one of the island's largest employeers operating out of Portsmouth. They're the employees who own the nice homes & keep our economy from totally collapsing. As they say, that's both the good news and the bad news.
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