Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bring Back the Funnies!

No wonder young people don't want to read the newspaper. Projo's comic section has been reduced in size so much that it's almost impossible to read. If it got even one degree smaller, I couldn't see the indivdual strips. I can barely read them now without a lot of concentration.

It's not just the words- it's the pics! They need to be large & in color. Otherwise, what's the point?

When did I begin to read the newspapers? As a kid the "funnies" were part of every newspaper everyday. Now it's once/wk. No wonder young people aren't interested in the paper. The NDN recently has run a decent comic section. More! Is Projo's daily?

It's ironic that newspapers keep mourning their demise & blame everyone & everything but themselves. Many have turned into long ads with an occassional news feature. They've gutted themselves and then speculate as to outside causes. It's much the same with radio & television. Most television & radio stations have turned into ads interspersed with a few features.

ARRRGGGHHHH! We want funnies!
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