Sunday, November 02, 2008

Who are you Voting for?

In case you've missed the MANY forums on cable or in print, I'm giving you the major NDN link on candidates for different towns & for different positions. It's well done!

Ignore the endorsements (really- the opinion of 3 people). If you have questions, call, e-mail the candidates. Be pro-active! Check out Ch. 18. The forums are still running- I refer to it as hit-or-miss.

Offer some seniors a ride if you think that they may need it. Extend help to a candidate if you like them. Phone calls, signs, $, or even just talking among friends, relatives, co-workers all help. In Middletown, the election for Council is major. Sea-change or not. Same old- same old, or not. Legislative elections on Aquidneck Island are major this year (more on this later)!

And come to the blog party Tues. nt. 8:30-? at the Royal Plaza on E. Main Rd. across from Frotsee Freeze. We'll likely be around there (or at polls) most of the day. Help us with rides, phone calls, etc. Or just come to hear the results- t.v., computer, & poll readings. Food, drinks available, conversations, lampshades on heads, whatever... You don't really want to sit home alone, do you?
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