Friday, November 21, 2008

Local News & Happenings

Sorry for the lack of postings recently. I travelled to Missouri (heart of the Bible belt), found out why I always have such a pain -in-the-neck (no, it's not my sons or husband, but rather arthritis)), knit 2 scarves, & am preparing for Thanksgiving. Once again my NEW laptop is in the shop (#3).

Turkeys for sale (no, I'm not talking about our local politicans): Check out Simmons Farm at $4.89/lb. They led short but happy lives there. E-mail Karla with requested size at or call 848-9910 soon!!! Pick-up is next Mon. afternoon.

Cookie Exchange this Sun. afternoon at Middletown Public Library at 3. Bring cookies that you want to exchange. I'll never forget the yr. I participated in one of these at school & had to make 12 dozen cookies in a galley kitchen with a toddler underfoot while working full-time. E-mail your RSVP to Requested but not required. I need to look up that no-bake recipe...

Easton's Beach water temp is 44.5. It dropped 10 points from last week! It's light when I go test it with my partner around 6:15 AM, but just barely. When it's dark we have to keep our headlights on.

So much news (little of it good) and so little time. So respond with topics that you are interested in. And pray for my laptop. Praise Jesus! (oops- left over from my Bible Belt travels).
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