Monday, October 27, 2008

R.I. & Newport make the Big Time

And not in a good way either. It's too bad one of our local rags couldn't have written it. They certainly have the talent to.

So R.I. isn't in very good shape. I knew about the article listening to George Stephanopolis interview that waste-of-my-listening ears former CEO Jack Welch yesterday on his Sun. political talk show. As he was spouting his R.I. is the most heavily taxed state in the Union blarney yesterday (it's the PROPERTY TAXES, stupid), George interrupted him to mention that he (G.E.) had deserted R.I. a number of years ago & it had nothing to do with the tax rate.

Yeah, good for you, Georgie. Remember the G.E. light manufacturing factory in the old mill in downtown Newport on Thames St.? It's now a time share- one of the many starting to go belly-up (go figure). General Electric didn't move because of taxes - ?20 or 30 years ago. It moved its factory down to Mex. for cheap everything. Then it could turn around & sell the stuff back to us & make even bigger bucks; esp. for CEO Jack Welch.

Thanks, Jack. Exactly what's wrong with our economic status today. We as a country deserted our manufacturing base to become a "financial center." And how is that working out for us? Worked out quite well for Jackie-boy, though, didn't it?

And forget those bogus cost-of-living, unemloyment, and inflation stats that are bantered about. The deck's been stacked against to make us think that everything is much better than we actually perceive that it is. How stupid are we? Very to ever have trusted people like him and his many cohorts. Trickle-down economics crap. Yeah, it trickled down all right. Now we're getting hit in the face with it like a busted toilet overflowing. But not Jackie, boy. His is gold-plated. Makes the all that crap easier to take, don'tcha know (but just as dirty).

So read it- the 2nd page is about Newport. Thanks, Jack Welch. You deserved a big kick-in-the pants from all of us on your way out. You're not the solution nor do you have any solutions- you're the problem. Personified.

Thanks to the "N.Y. Times" & reporter PAM BELLUCK. Real reporting with time-consuming research done. Always nice to read. As Newport goes, can the rest of us be far behind?
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