Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Newport School Committee Makes Move

I wish to share my strong support of the Newport School Committee’s recent decision to move the city’s fifth grade classes to Thompson Middle School in September 2009. I am very pleased to see that the School Committee has finally taken the first step toward consolidation of school facilities, which will bring the middle school configuration in line with other Newport County middle schools. This just may eventually open up a number of opportunities for additional collaboration for the teachers of grades five through eight on Aquidneck Island.
I am looking forward to working on the development of additional decisions in the near future that will bring the Newport Public Schools closer to the establishment of one Kindergarten through Grade 4 school facility. Furthermore, I envision relocating the department’s central administration offices to Rogers High School, which would make the current space available for other use or for sale, and the closing of one elementary school, preferably one that is determined to be least efficient in heating as well as academic effectiveness. It is vital that all decisions made by administration and the School Committee be focused on what is best for the students.

Sandra J. Flowers, Candidate for Newport School Committee
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